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Don't use the Back button or arrow

The back button really causes headaches for websites that provide dynamic up-to-the-minute information and there really should be no reason that it is necessary. Rather than think of "going back" to a previously viewed web page, think of "going forward" to the desired page by clicking on one of the navigation links. When you go backward in your browser history, you access an outdated copy of the web page from your PC cache instead of the web page that has been refreshed with current data from the website.

If you "go back" to a data entry or payment form the browser will warn you of this unexpected behavior so that you may avoid unintended consequences. You will see a different message depending on your browser. If you choose to ignore the warning, the back button may cause the form to be submitted again with the risk of unintended consequences.

Firefox Mac OSX
The correct response should be "Cancel", then "go forward" by clicking on a link.

Firefox Windows
The correct response should be "Cancel", then "go forward" by clicking on a link.

Internet Explorer
The correct response should to click the "Forward button or arrow" to return to the previous page, then "go forward" by clicking on a link.  If you click the Back button a second time, the data entry form or payment will be submitted a second time and you may experience unintended consequences.